The new standard in Quality Components has arrived.

Heavy Duty & Performance Clutch Kits are developed and tested in house for optimal clamp load and torque capacity.

POWERDRIVE clutch kits come complete with three-piece Clutch assembly (cover, disc & release bearing/csc)

Clutch & flywheel kits include the flywheel & flywheel to crank bolts*.

As a bonus, all kits now include the pilot bearing or bush* * installation grease.

*where available/applicable.

Dynamic Driveline Solutions


Clutch Kits

The company supplies an extensive range of organic and ceramic clutch kits to suit the Australian market, including OEM kits for everyday driving, together with specialised performance and sports clutches for enthusiasts

Performance and Custom Clutch Kits

From a heavy-duty single-plate clutch to a unique triple-plate custom unit, CBA is constantly expanding its range of performance, heavy duty and complete custom-designed clutch kits. Our upgraded clutch kits are designed to handle extreme conditions with a minimum of noise, vibration or harshness while maintaining the best possible pedal feel, engagement and durability.

Dual Mass Flywheels

Clutch and Brake Australia (CBA) maintains a broad range of dual mass flywheels and clutch kits to suit. Dual mass flywheels are highly tuned elements that must be carefully matched to the engine torque curve and vehicle load conditions, talk to our qualified technicians for advice on the correct system for your vehicle.

Solid Flywheel Conversions

Clutch and Brake Australia (CBA) stocks a range of solid flywheel conversions that replace existing dual mass systems, reducing the risk of overheating and enabling the installation of heavy-duty clutch options.

Pilot Bearings

Worn or failed pilot bearings can result in gearbox misalignment leading to clutch failure, so it makes sense to replace the bearing when installing a new clutch. CBA stocks the full range of pilot bearings to suit all vehicles.

Clutch Aligning Tools

These are used to line up the clutch disc with the input shaft before installing the gearbox.
CBA has a range of sizes to suit domestic and imported models.