About Tough Gear Trading

Tough Gear Trading Pty Ltd (TGT) is an Australian, Brisbane based 4x4 and military accessories, family run business.
With over 26 years experience in the industry, our founder, Gary Turner, has partnered with top-tier suppliers globally who bring quality products to our international as well as local customer base.
Furthermore, having been endorsed by the Australian defence force, gives us scope to further implement and showcase our brand with vigour.
With over two decades of business experience in the auto parts sector, we provide quality 4×4 and accessory products including, but not limited to, recovery gear, suspension, camping gear, leisure products, security auto applications to mining, fleet and retail markets.
We have also recently announced our partnership with carsales-owned site caravancampingsales store where our XGG product range will be showcased on a new platform for 4x4 enthusiasts.
Our passion in this industry allows for focus on our brand and customer’s needs.

TGT has representation in numerous countries where we are intensely highlighting our global expansion.
After many years of international trade, we have seen local business take off tremendously whilst realizing the need for quality service and top-notch products in the local market.
The company is steered by a team of vibrant individuals, whose efforts clearly display the natural synergy and team spirit in the day-to-day operation of business under the leadership of the Turner family

About Us

We provide quality 4×4 accessories applications, security auto applications to international military, armoured, mining, fleet and retail markets. Its key niche services are within the military, security, police and armoured markets, with the ability to supply, manufacture, source and project manage large coordinated fleets globally.

What we can do for you!

Our mission is to provide automotive solutions and offers to clients through high quality products and service. We believe that building trusting relationships with business partners including suppliers and clients, is the key contributor to a long term and valuable business.

Our Goal

Our History

2015 - TGT was born! TGT is a family run business, founded by the Turner family. We launched in 7 countries & appointed dealers in the Gulf Region.

2016 – We secured contracts with the UN and Saudi Arabia Military to support Auto parts for specialised 4x4 vehicles.

2017 - Launched TGT Dubai, with full offices and operations team.

2018 - Expanded range of offers and held the licence for many strong Australian Brands as international licence holder.

2019 - Launched TGT in Sub-Sahara Africa and expanded global team and appointment of specialised military experience. Opened facility and showrooms in the UAE.

2020 - Launched TGT camping products into Australia and began participating in local 4x4 Shows. Secured warehouse facilities within Australia. Opened showrooms in Kenya.

2021 - Expanded our range. A brand new webpage and updated catalogues were launched. Secured contract in Egypt with Government and appointed new team members in the region. Secured contract with Egypt Mines to support 4x4 accessories.

2022 - Launched XGG suspension in Australia and appointed new dealers in Australia. Expanded network & dealerships in Europe.

2023 – Expanded further. XGG Suspension took off in UAE and Europe especially. Partnership with Carsales and Goodyear/Dunlop stores. Upgraded the TGT Profile and marketing. Launched new military catalogue and welcome new suppliers. Launched mining applications.

2024 – Already planning of upcoming shows for 2024 underway with various shows planned in Australia and around the globe. Further plans to extend TGT globally and multiple business trips in motion. Launched our Tough Gear Trading Military Webpage.



Tough Gear Trading provide their import and export clients with innovative and cost effective end to end freight solutions, with the use of 21st century information technology.

Tough Gear Trading understands the evolving supply chain needs of your business, our Suppliers and our Customers, particularly with regards to:

  • Preparation of all the required export commercial documentation

  • Obtaining eligible Certificates of Origin from the Australian Government Authorities

  • Warehousing and consolidation of multiple orders from various Australian Suppliers to reduce Freight costs for our customers

  • Air and LCL / FCL sea freight management with their international Carrier partners

  • Tough Gear Trading has a high level of compliance with all the relevant Australian and Overseas Government Regulations