Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Rear Coil Conversion

Our Toyota Landcruiser 79 series rear coil conversion with full track width correction. While there are other kits on the market with various designs and purposes, we set out do design a conversion with a single goal in mind. DRIVABILITY.

And after almost 1.5 years in the design stages we believe we have achieved our goal completely, and are confident you will never drive a more comfortable, better handling, on and off-road system than the one we have developed here. Our No Compromises approach includes all the best of the best components available on the market.

Designed in house by our mechanical engineers and qualified suspension specialists. Fully computer designed, analysed and tested well beyond the ADR strength recommendations without failure. Pre-engineered with NCOP VSB design approval and LT2 Lane change test passed, means the maximum legal lift post rego is already certified in most states.

With a rear axle capacity of over 3T, we have engineered this complete system for up to 4.2T GVM. Our weld-in approach ensures a complete factory-like installation with maximum strength.

While other kits on the market replicate other OEM suspension manufacture geometry designs (some over 30 years old). We have started from scratch with modern components, to give you the best driving experience possible with today’s technologies.

Currently certified post rego in most VSB14 states to 3 inch suspension lift, 315 tyres (34.6 inch) and 3630kg GVM in kit form. GVM 3900-4.2T on application.


  • Fabricated chromoly diff housing

  • Chromoly design is lighter than other competitors housings

  • 300m axles with heavy duty drive plates

  • Heavy duty 2 inch OD trailing arms (long arms)

  • 4 link design

  • Super heavy duty, greaseable, rebuildable rod ends

  • Completely optimised suspension geometry

  • DFI torsional style sway bar – Full articulation without disconnect

  • 5 inch shock body compatible (12 inch shocks)

  • Coils tailored to your needs

  • Airbag assist compatible

  • Hydraulic bumpstop bolt in upgrade