Electronic Rust Prevention Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd has been designing, testing, manufacturing and distributing electronic rust prevention systems in Australia and to over 30 countries internationally. Since 1824, scientists have known that an appropriate electrical charge introduced and maintained on a metal structure will prevent or reduce the rusting process. ERPS has developed a proprietary electronic ‘capacitive couping’ system that considerably slows or halts the rusting process. 

Provides a significant reduction or halting of rust even in harsh conditions. 

Reduction in oxidation of the paint. Paint tends to remain shiny and clean. 

Extended lift of components (brakes, exhaust systems) when operating vehicles in harsh conditions

RPS helps vehicles retain their resale value by preventing stone chips and scratches developing. 



ABS Braided Brake Line Kits & Non ABS Braided Brake Line Kits 

When you put a lot of pressure through a rubber hose, the hose swells. So what this does, is it reduces the pressure to the brakes. Then because of the rubber hose, some pressure is lost. When you go to a braided hose, there’s no pressure lost in the hose it means more pressure is received to the brakes. Now there’s nothing wrong with having rubber hoses, it is compatible with our booster, but having the braided lines will give you a better result. 



Standard Colour – Gold SA5 Coated 
Biz80 Full CNC Machined (No Welding!)
Full Finite Element Analysis Tested
60% Stronger
Personalised Powder-Coated Colour Selection Option
Added Length for Further Tyre Clearance
Equal To Factory Weight
700 Series Allot Steel
ADR Compliant
Increased Castor Built in for Improved Handling


Axles Kits

Aluminium billet sway bar extension blocks for lift vehicles. Creates clearance for front drive shaft etc. Axels only to suit factory diff housing. VDJ & HDJ 32 Spline Axles 4340 Chrome Moly Billet through hardened. 
Factory Electric locker compatible
– 25mm Blocks to suit 2inch Lift
-50mm Blocks to suit 3-4inch Lift
EN26 Axles for armoured also available. 


Performance Exhausts

Torqit Performance Exhaust systems have been manufactured to maximise power output and reduce exhaust gas temperatures (EGT). They are one of the thickest mandrel bent systems available in Australia – the thickness combined with 304 grade stainless steel produces a deep note and guarantees extreme strength. The exceptionally high quality of all Torqit exhaust systems is highlighted by internal and external welding, the heavy duty bracketry and the laser cut 2-bolt and 3-bolt flanges. The design of each individual system focuses on optimizing power and torque, while helping your vehicle to breathe better and live longer.

Ideal for towing and touring, Torqit Performance Exhausts are specifically designed to create a deep note and improve vehicle performance. You could want to increase the power from your exhaust and receive a deep note or you may be looking to strengthen your touring and towing abilities. With Torqit, you can increase power and torque from your exhaust, while also reducing EGTs. What’s more, the high quality steel ensures extreme strength even in the toughest terrains.


• Thick stainless steel (1.7mm-2mm): This produces a deeper note with no cabin drone. It is also extremely tough to crack.
• 304 grade stainless steel: This is the best material to use on an exhaust due to its superior strength. It also lasts longer than 409 stainless steel and will not rust.
• Full automatic mandrel bent system: Perfect bends every time and easy installation, as the size will always be correct.
• Double braided stainless steel flex bellow: The double braid is twice as reinforced, meaning gas cannot escape. It allows movement on the vehicle’s chassis, so the exhaust system will not crack.
• High flow diesel catalytic converter: Our diesel specific converter can withstand the pressures and temperatures of a diesel engine. Many companies use a petrol catalytic converter, which will break down over time.
• Internal and external welding on all flanges: This increases the strength of welds, making them very difficult to crack.
• 10 year product warranty: The unit automatically comes with a warranty that offers customers peace of mind. It also does not void vehicle/factory warranty.

Throttle Controllers

If your vehicle feels sluggish, then this is the product for you. Torqit throttle controllers improve your accelerator response timing, they are ideal for towing and heavy vehicles. Both the Pedal Torq and Pedal Torq Plus remove any delay in acceleration. As you can alter the accelerator response, it assist with improved control when offroading.
The Pedal Torq reduces the amount of pedal pressure required to achieve ‘wide open throttle’ allowing the driver to access the engines full potential.

• Five modes with 30 settings to finely tune your accelerator
• Easy to use dash mount control
• Anti theft mode which immobilizes the vehicle until it is deactivated
• Intelligent mode adapts to the motorists riving style

• Three optimal settings that are ideal for any terrain
• Bluetooth connectivity and wireless control
• Controlled via the Torqit Connect App
• Nothing is placed on the dash


Most 4wd’s lack power to perform adequately. After adding weight, bigger wheels or a trailer the vehicle will be put under immense stress. It loses power and begins using more fuel to try and keep up with the drivers demand. Driving in these conditions will impact the life of the vehicle, that is where the Power Module and ModuleMap come in.

The Torqit Power Module is a performance chip that plugs into the fuel rail of a vehicle. It safely unleashes power, torque and fuel efficiency that is lost through factory programming.
The unit alleviates stress from the vehicle allowing it to perform to its maximum ability and provides a smoother driving experience. The Power Module works by adjusting the vehicles fuel rail pressure, increasing torque and peak power output.

The ModuleMap is a remote remap solution for your vehicle. The calibration is live tuned and factors in any aftermarket accessories you have installed on your vehicle, such as an exhaust, tyres, snorkel etc. The remapped files are optimised based on your vehicle, giving you a 100% customised tune.
The ModuleMap comes with 3 map tunes, including a standard option, which is a copy of your vehicles original ECU, so at anytime the vehicle can be returned to stock. After remapping your vehicle you can expect a significant increase in power, torque and overall performance. Your drivability and touring, towing and offroading capabilities will be greatly improved.