Ultra Light Armour System

Designed for people who need protection against theft, crimes, assault and kidnappings. The best option for those who live within the cities, where attacks are carried out with handguns

3D-Shield is a custom made armouring system that fits precisely to the shape of your vehicle. During the assembly, 3D-Sheild panels assure maximum ballistic protection. The result is advanced protection with top quality finishes. 

Since all the bulletproof panels are designed to fit the shapes of the vehicle, it doesn’t require an experts eye to determine if an area has been protected. After the armour panels have been installed a trained technician will reinstall the original upholstery and accessories. 


The glass is processed with the most advanced materials, to obtain maximum quality, visibility and resistance. 

The final product is subject to be controlled by different state organisation and ballistic research laboratories, to guarantee the offered protection. 

Thanks to its machinery and advanced processes, it is possible to preserve the original glass accessories, as well as to make the armoured glass that offers the same weight resistance with a lower weight.